The First Leg of the Bear Market is Over. What Happens Next?
Is the Financial Bear Market in Stocks and Bonds Almost Over?
Stocks are overvalued and vulnerable to significant decline as monetary conditions tighten and the bear market accelerates.
Stocks fell to a nine-month low as Russia invaded Ukraine, and inflation surged to the highest level since January 1982. Stocks are in a bear market and…
We believe that the risk of a significant market decline is high because of the Fed's monetary mistake, market structure issues, a potential energy…
Currently, the market is in a sharp correction because investors are fearful the Fed is behind the curve and will move aggressively to fight inflation.
Executive Summary · Uncertainty about the Omicron variant and the Fed’s hawkish pivot led to a sharp market decline that began in late November. The…
In the current inflationary environment, we expect interest rates will rise, and we see a significant opportunity to invest in the value sectors of the…
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